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What’s going on everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing well! I’m writing to you guys right now to ask a favor. I know most of y’all have taken the classes and you’re enjoying them and I’m glad you are having fun. I appreciate everyone’s kind words/feedbac, its very much appreciated ❤️

Anyways the favor i would like to ask is if y’all can just copy those kind words to the testimonial section on the home page of the site. All you have do is click the “submit testimonial“ button and fill out the form 😊. Basically if you were to recommend yeetyah to your bestie what would you say?!

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! The support you guys give is crazy and just keep that energy! Make sure to share to your friends and family! I want everyone to dance a have fun just as you guys do!!!

Adrian Gamboa


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