It brings me so much joy to know that you want to be a part of this program and are willing to grow as a dancer and individual. Please fill in the details below so I can get in contact with you after reviewing your submission. 

before you submit

please create a video that includes all of the following:
  • Name, Age, and your favorite TV show.

  • Record yourself dancing any Hip Hop choreography (mine or someone else's). + a freestyle to the song of your choice (I just wanna see you move).

  • How long have you been dancing? How'd you get started?

  • What's your goal with dancing?

  • Lastly, tell me something you think I should know about you.

Note: If you are admitted to the program, dues are $75 a month and will be collected at the top of each month similar to a subscription. You can yeetyah as long as you like.